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Wall Mounted Votive Candle Holders

Votive Candle Holders for Mounting on Walls

Wall mounted candle holders, also known as wall sconces, can hold a variety of different types of candles. Many are specifically made for holding only votive candles. Votive wall mounted sconce candles are a popular choice for both safety and beauty.


When votive candles burn, the wax and the flame are somewhat protected by the glass holder the candle sits in. Votives are specially designed candles that are meant to melt into the shape of the holder. Because the glass holds the wax in, there is no wax wasted from dripping.

Votive Candles are Readily Available in Standard Sizing

One of the nicest things about votive candles is the standardization of sizing throughout the industry. Generally, votives are around the same diameter, height and size. When looking for replacement candles for your wall sconce, votives can be purchased from just about any candle store in North America and they will fit.

Scented Votives for Sconces

Scented votives are wonderful in sconces because they scent the air at the same time as providing ambience. For wall mounted votive holders which hold more than one candle, tantalizing scent combinations can be created by burning several differently scented candles at the same time.

Colored Votives

Although there are different colors of votive candles, some votive holders have opaque sides, so the color is barely seen. In these situations, color doesn’t really matter. If white is less expensive, then it can be a good option. For glass and other types of see-through holders, the color of the votive can play a big part in its looks. A huge variety of colors are available with subtle differences between some of the colors.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 25 April 2009 )
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