Naturality Candles

Naturality Candles: Richly Scented Candles and More

Candles add beauty to the home which is unmatched by other products. Richly scented candles are very sought after, because in addition to light and visual beauty, the aroma released into the room creates a wonderful sensual dimension. Your home deserves a special touch, and using candles with rich scents is a perfect way to create the mood you want.


So many great candle products are available now - use our many resources to get the candle related information and products you need. Let your creativity shine by choosing the perfect candles for your personality and your decor.

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Creative and Unique Birthday Cake Candles

Unique Birthday Candles to Decorate the Cake

One of the most frequently used types of candles is birthday candles. Don’t settle for the boring, everyday variety. Unique birthday candles are readily available and add flair and creativity to the cake.

‘Happy Birthday Candles’

It seems an almost ridiculously simple concept, but candles are available that are in the shape of the letters ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’. Each letter is a separate candle. These look great on top of a cake and are a nice change from the ordinary. Because the letters are separate, you can space them out as close or as far as you like.


Available at Most Supermarkets/Grocery Stores

Ok, we don’t always have time to shop for exciting and unique candles for every birthday that comes along. But that is no excuse anymore. Even local supermarkets carry a variety of interesting candles along with the traditional boring ones.

  • Very long, very thin candles - a very festive and contemporary look atop a birthday cake
  • Swirly candles – these are often the same height as regular candles, but instead of being straight up, the thin candle forms a swirl. It looks like someone warmed them up and wrapped them around a stick.
  • Number candles – Large candles that come in the numbers zero to nine. If nothing else is available at a moment’s notice, at least put number candles of the birthday person’s age on the cake along side regular candles
  • Get creative and a few of each of the above candles on a cake for an outstandingly different effect