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Silver Votive Candles

Silver Colored Votive Candles are Wonderful for Special Occasions

Votives come in many wonderful colors. For special occasions, you may want a special votive. Silver votive candles add a touch of flare and ambiance.

Silver is a wonderful color of candles for many occasions:

Many occasions are suitable for using silver based votives. Silver is not necessarily your everyday color, but can be used for on a daily basis. Below is a list of some of the times you may want to have silver candles on hand. Don't think you are restricted to these times only. Many other times work well with silver.


  • Christmas
  • New Years
  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Elegant events
  • Celebrations
  • Night time occasions
  • Glitzy events
  • Formal table settings
  • Contemporary table settings


Clear Glass Votive Holders for Silver Colored Votive Candles

Silver colored votive candles work best in clear candle holders. That way the silver color of the candle can be seen and appreciated. Some wonderful votive holders go well with striking colors such as silver. Slightly rounded glass votive holders highlight the silver candles nicely while allowing less wind to bother the flame. Straight sided glass holders are simple but contemporary.

Opaque Candle Holders

If the holder is opaque, the silver will only be seen from above. This may be desirable in situations where the candle will be mainly seen from the top and the silver color compliments the color of the holder. Areas where this can work well are: coffee tables and low level shelves. carries elegant metallic silver votive candles. has simpler looking silver votives, with a 12 hour burn time.

Another way to get the look of silver is to go with sterling silver, chrome or stainless steel votive holders.

Decorating Suggestions

Silver candles can coordinate well with many other colors. Put silver candles together with other neutral colored candles such as gold, white and black or with bold colors such as deep green, red, blue or purple.

Silver and gold candles create a rich and flashy display. Silver and white together is very classy. Silver and black is contemporary and elegant. Silver with bold colors creates a festive mood.

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