Naturality Candles

Floating Candles with Flower Petals

Flowers and Flower Petals add Natural Beauty to Floating Candle Bowls  

A wonderful way to beautify your floating candle arrangement is to add flower petals to the water. The idea is really very simple, but petals add a natural beauty that is unrivalled by other materials. flower_petals.jpg

Give your Bowl a New Look Every Day

By simply changing the type of flower petals you place in the water, you can create a huge

variety of looks for a floating candle bowl. From dramatic to romantic, you can have a lot of fun dressing up your bowl with different petals.

Floating Candles with Rose Petals

Roses are a classic pairing with floating style candles. Go for a dramatic look with deep red rose petals in a glass bowl with red or white candles. Achieve a pretty and feminine look by using light pink rose petals with pink floating candles. For an eclectic look, use three kinds of petals: red, pink and white in the water at the same time.

Floating Whole Flowers Adds Depth

An alternative to floating petals is to float the whole flower (with the stem removed). Many beautiful flowers can be floated alongside candles. Irises are a not-so-obvious choice that goes well with white, purple, yellow or green candles. The top iris petals will sit well above the water and add some height to the arrangement.

The flames from the candles will light up the flowers and highlight the deep colors. A truly striking centerpiece can be made with the simple combination of water, candles and flowers.


Last Updated ( Monday, 16 February 2009 )
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