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Metal Votive Candle Holders

Votive Candle Holders made from Metal Make a Statement

Creatively shaped metal votive holders add beauty and style to any area. Votive candles can be made with a multitude of materials, and metal is perfect for many décors.

Unique designs can be made in metal, including cut-outs which allow the light of the candle to shine through. The cut-outs cast interesting light patterns on nearby walls or tables.

Metal and Glass Votives

A combination of metal and glass creates a striking contrast of materials which is at the same time complimentary. Combining a metal base with glass around the candle gives the best of both worlds. The light shines through the glass while the metal base adds style to the look. These types of candle holders are generally very durable and can be enjoyed for many years.

Metal can be textured in many ways, making an almost infinite number of design possibilities. Hand made custom metal holders for votives are a great way to incorporate unique artisan items into your home. Look at local craft shows or artisan shops to find votive holders made by local metal smiths.

Or shop online at sites like to find unique items which can be shipped directly to your home.

Metal Votive Wall Candle Holders

Metal is versatile material to use for votive wall mounted candle holders.

A classic design is metal leaves on wire wall mounted ‘branches’ which have votive holders at intervals. The holder takes up a large amount of space on the wall, making it ideal for bare locations you’d like to fill up with adornment.

Drawbacks: Metal gets hot, so more care must be taken to avoid placing the holders near flammable items. As the candle burns down, heat becomes more of an issue. As the flame dips below the rim of the metal holder, the votive candle sends more heat to the surrounding sides of the holder. Also ensure metal votives are placed on a surface which won’t be damaged by heat. If you would like the candle on a sensitive surface, consider placing a heat proof trivet or coaster under the votive for protection.

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