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Gold Candle Drip Sleeves

Gold Colored Candle Drip Sleeves come in Many Styles

Many beautiful gold candle drip sleeves are available in different sizes. Gold is a color that is becoming more widely used in drip sleeves for candles.

There may be a bit of confusion when talking about candle drip sleeves. There are two instances where the term applies: the first is a sleeve to go around an electric candelabra or other light fixture where you would like the ‘candles’ to look like they are dripping wax (even though they are not actual candles, but lights.) The second is a unique style of candle from the Chase Candle company which has a metal sleeve which holds a regular taper candle in the inside. The sleeve prevents any wax dripping out, but keeps the candle properly positioned so the flame is always showing out the top of the candle sleeve.

Chase has gold drip sleeve candles in a variety of taper sizes from 8 inches to 24 inches long. You can buy these unique candles from their website at

If you are looking for gold sleeves for electric candelabras style candles, there are many varieties which give a gorgeous look to the lights. Elaborate drip patterns make the sleeves look like antique style pillar or taper candles which have some history. carries a large number of gold colored drip sleeve covers for candelabras. has interesting candle sleeves made out of beeswax. They are intended for 25 watt bulbs or less, but when they are turned on, the wax warms up and releases some of its honey scent. The heat of the bulb isn’t enough to melt the wax. Because they are made of real wax, the appearance is more authentic than with plastic or resin varieties. Beeswax has a golden look to it which may be suitable if you are looking for gold colored sleeves and covers.

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