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Unique Chase Taper Style Candles are Dripless

If you have never experienced Chase taper candles, you are in for a treat. Chase Candles has a very unique concept – dripless taper candles that don’t drip because the actual wax candle is contained inside a metal sleeve.

The concept is revolutionary in the candle industry. Taper candles by Chase have a spring system which allows the interior candle to be held at the top of the metal taper sleeve. The spring holds the candle in place as it burns down, so the flame is always at the top.

The result is a perfect looking taper all the time, with no drips or mess. If you have an area or a table which you simply don’t want to get melted wax on, taper style Chase candles are ideal. Even if there is a breeze in the room, the wax is contained and safe from drips.

The candle system comes in four different sizes of tapers, from 8 inches to 24 inches long. There are eight colors to choose from, including ivory, black, silver, crimson, bridal white, forest green, taupe and gold.

The color of their gold candle drip sleeves are popular choices and are perfect for many holiday or special events.

The taper candle system can be bought individually or in sets. Chase Candle gift sets are perfect to give to candle lovers, and come with 12 refills to ensure enjoyment for many days to come. The inner spring unit can also be replaced for a very reasonable price in the event they become damaged or broken.

Because the bottoms of the candles are not moldable like real candles normally are, Chase has specially designed adapters to use so their candles can fit in just about any candle holder meant for tapers.

Interestingly, you don’t have to buy refill candles in the same size as the sleeve. For example, if you have a 24 inch taper candle sleeve, you can use any of the sizes of refills. The burn time on shorter refills will simply be less than for longer lengths of refill candles.

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 30 April 2009 )
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