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Games to Play at a Partylite Candle Party

Partylite candle parties are a fun way to get friends and family together, while learning about and purchasing high quality candles. Partylite candle games are a great way to break the ice and offer your guests some entertainment at the same time.

Guess the Partylite Scent

Partylite has a large variety of wonderfully scented candles. A good way to introduce many of the interesting scents to your guests is to have a ‘guess the scent’ contest. Each person is given a piece of paper and a pencil. A dark bag with a scented candle in it is passed around to each person. The candle can be wrapped in a tissue so the color is hidden from view in case someone looks in the bag. Each person has to write down the scent they think the candle in the bag has. The process is repeated with several different scented candles. The winner is the person with the most correctly identified scents. The winner can be rewarded a small free scented candle such as a tealight or a votive.

After the contest, your guests will have learned all about the fantastic scents in a way that was fun and involving.

Candle Draw

The most basic candle ‘game’ is to have a draw for some free Partylite candle products. Everyone likes a free draw. As each guest arrives, have them write their name on a piece of paper and put it in a container. Let everyone know that a draw will be held at the end of the night for a few chosen Party lite products. You can chose to have one winner of several products, or draw several names for smaller prizes. Hold the draw just before the order forms are handed out.

Other Games

Not all games need to be directly related to Partylite candle products. Other fun games can help make the evening enjoyable. However, don’t take too much time away from the products, as that is the main purpose for your gathering.

Prize Possibilities

The most obvious prizes are those of Partylite candle products. Tealights, votives, small candle holders, taper candles or candle snuffers are good choices. Other possibilities are: coupons for discounts when ordering candles at the end of the night,

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Last Updated ( Monday, 27 April 2009 )
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