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Scent vs. Room Size - Using Scented Candles

How Big of a Scented Candle do you Need?

Scented candles add a wonderful aroma to the air. With all the great scents available these days, the popularity of burning scented candles is growing dramatically. Many people want the smell to fill up the room. How big of a candle do you need to burn for a medium sized room?

Bigger Candle Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Bigger Smell

The first item of consideration is how much scent is in a candle. If you purchase good quality candles with the scent all the way through the wax, the candles will provide scent to the room much more effectively that a candle that is weakly scented. You could buy a huge candle, but if the scent is only on the outside layer of wax or very weakly scented, it won’t make a big difference to the aroma.

Good Quality Candles

Start with good quality, richly scented candles. When you burn a larger candle, it gives off more scent because the amount of wax melted is larger. Small candles melt small amounts of wax at a time, and consequently give off less scent. The aroma of the candle is released into the room when the wax is melted.

Size of Candle Needed

Deciding how much scent you’d like for any given room is a matter of personal taste. In general, a decent scented jar candle of 4-6 ounces should cover a small room like a bathroom. For a larger room try a 6-8 ounce jar candle. This should give you a good place to start. If you need more scent, go larger or use more than one candle. White Barn candle products are a great place to start for high quality jar candles.

Wax Melts

If the only reason you are burning candles is for the scent, consider trying wax melts. They release the aroma into the air through the melting of the wax using an electric warmer. This eliminates the need for an open flame but you still get the wonderful scent throughout the room.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 November 2008 )
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