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Wedding Centerpieces with Hurricane Candles

Hurricane Candles can be Incorporated into Wedding Centerpieces

Candles are very popular items in many wedding centerpieces, and the popularity of using hurricane candles is increasing. Hurricane candle wedding centerpieces help add light to the reception tables while keeping the flame safely contained.

Hurricane Candle on its Own

Some bride and grooms use hurricane candles without any other adornment for the centerpiece. A large sized hurricane holder can hold its own on the table. Using a candle which compliments the wedding colors ties the centerpiece into the décor.

Incorporate the Candle into a Wreath

Another popular idea is to have the hurricane candle as the center focal point for a wedding wreath centerpiece. Wreaths are wonderful symbols for a wedding, and they make a beautiful display on the reception tables.

A simple way to make a hurricane candle wreath is to buy a pre-made wreath large enough to fit around the holder, and set it in the middle of the table with the candle holder in the center.

Pre-Made Wreaths

There are so many wonderful pre-made wreaths at craft stores, you’ll be sure to find some you like. Measure the diameter of the candle holder before you go shopping. You’ll want to leave at least an inch of space between the glass and the inside of the wreath.

Fresh Flower Wedding Wreaths

Fresh flower wreaths are a wonderful option and add freshness to the display. The sky is the limit if you are having wreaths custom made by a florist. Many flowers work well in wreaths, both by themselves or with greenery. Calla lilies, roses, gerbera daisies and carnations are just a few of the many possibilities.

A Variety of Different Wreath Hurricane Candle Centerpieces

Wedding tradition used to dictate that all tables looked the same at a reception. Not any more. Now you can vary the centerpieces on each of the tables with much success. Keep the same general theme running through all of the centerpieces and use different flowers, different heights, and different style hurricane holders to make an interesting but cohesive look.

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