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Wedding Centerpiece Floating Candles

Wedding Centerpieces with Floating Candles Make a Beautiful Glowing Table

What more romantic way to decorate the head table for a wedding centerpiece – floating candles! Candles are highly symbolic in weddings. The delicate drifting of lit candles gently floating on water makes an eye catching and memorable focal point.

Creative ways to make centerpieces with floating candles:

-Use a clear holder and add food coloring to the water. As the light shines through the water the table will glow a wonderful hue.

-Place objects at the bottom of the container which color coordinate with your theme. Some examples are colored rocks, marbles or shells.

-On a long table, alternate floating candle containers with floating flower containers. Gerberas float nicely on top of water and have strikingly beautiful colors.

-Make an ensemble out of many smaller candle holders. Use elegant small holders and float one tealight in each. Group several together in the center of the table.

There are an almost limitless number of containers you can use to float the candles in. Remember to consider fire safety as your number one criteria. Only use fire-safe materials. Only place the candle centerpieces in areas where people don’t have to reach across the tops. The last thing you want happening at your wedding reception is someone’s sleeve catching fire.


Last Updated ( Monday, 08 December 2008 )
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