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Personalize your Candle Wedding Favors

Tying in Wedding Favor Candles to Personalize to your Wedding Theme

Candles make wonderful favors to give to guests at a wedding. Make the candle favors much more special and personalized by tying them into the theme and décor of the wedding.

Colored Favor Candles

Choose one of the wedding colors as the color of the candle favors. Possibilities: the color of the bridesmaid dresses, the color of the predominant flower in your decorations, a complimentary secondary color used in your décor. If you want to embellish the candles, tie each with a coordinating color of satin or velvet ribbon.

Another creative candle color idea: include 2 taper candles for each guest: one in a feminine color and one in a masculine color to symbolize the bride and groom. Keep the colors consistent and matching with the wedding colors. These will look gorgeous placed at the table settings of the reception. Tie them together with a piece of ribbon. Even better, have your wedding details or a lovely saying imprinted on the ribbon you use to tie the candles together. Customized ribbons for weddings can be ordered online at:

Theme Wedding Candle Favors

Having a theme wedding makes it fun to choose candles for favors. Many creative shapes and colors of candles are available in a size perfect for favors. Comical candles add a touch of humor; touching shapes add some romance to the air. Candles depicting the wedding theme, such as pear shaped candles at a fall themed wedding, will help invoke memories of the evening long after the day is done.

Personalized Scent

Scents are powerfully tied in to emotion and memory. Buy candles with the same scent as your wedding flowers to provide your guests with memories that may be invoked when the candle is lit. Burning the same scent of candles during the wedding reception will help place the scent into their minds so that later at their homes they can associate the favor candle scent with the event.

You may bring some extra joy into people’s lives by spending some time personalizing the candles you give as wedding favors. Have some fun and be creative when coming up with ideas for your wedding favor theme candles.

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