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Candle Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Candle Centerpieces are Perfect for Weddings 

Wedding centerpieces are one of the most important focal points of reception tables. Here are some great candle wedding centerpiece ideas to help get your creativity flowing. You can really express your personality in your centerpieces. Use these ideas as a guide to put something personal and expressive together for your special day.

Floating Candle Centerpieces

A fairly new trend, floating candle centerpieces are a beautiful way to make a statement. Candles and water are symbolic in a wedding, and the glow of light reflecting off the water is remarkable. For extra beauty, add rose petals to the water underneath the candles. The splash of color is beautiful and sparkles under the water.

Floating Wedding Candles with Fish

Underneath your gently floating candles, imagine a beautiful fish. Having a live creature on each table is a wonderfully life affirming touch. You need a bowl or vase large enough to accommodate a fish comfortably. Betta fish (also known as Japanese Fighting Fish) are a great choice because they can live in a small bowl full of water quite comfortably for long periods of time. Just DON’T put more than one fish in a bowl – they aren’t called fighting fish for nothing. Make sure there is enough water in the container that the temperature won’t raise too high during the course of your wedding reception.

Candles with Flowers

Pairing candles with flowers is a classically beautiful combination. Here’s an easy but beautiful idea:  take a medium sized pillar candle and surround it with one or more flowers on a base. Be sure the flower petals don’t come too close to the top of the candle to prevent burning the flowers. Some striking flowers you can use are gerberas, orchids, and of course, roses.

Wind Resistant Pillar Holders

If you are concerned about open flames at your wedding, consider a tall sided glass holder for a pillar candle. For some extra flare, and to help hold the candle in place, decorate the bottom with colored items such as pebbles, colored flat glass pieces or sand. Flowers can be placed around the outside of the holder for an added touch of beauty.

Truly Unique Candles

An arrangement isn’t necessary at all if you choose very unique and decorative candles. One example we have found is a candle which looks like a bunch of pink tulips tied together. The long stemmed base gives enough height to showcase the ‘tulips’ wonderfully.

Whether you choose something elegant, contemporary or exotic, wedding centerpieces with candles are a beautiful addition to any table.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 14 December 2008 )
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