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Candle Poem for Bridal Shower

Classic Candle Poem For a Gift at Bridal Showers

Here is a bridal shower poem about candles that has been popular for many years. The poem is meant to be read out loud at a shower for the bride, while giving a gift basket of the candles mentioned in the poem.

To prepare the gift, put the following colored candles in a basket:


- 2 white candles with lace wrapped around
- 2 green candles
- 2 dark blue candles
- 2 pink candles
- 2 cream candles
- 2 red candles
- 2 purple candles
- 2 light blue candles
- 2 special anniversary candles

Be prepared: when you give the bride the candle gift basket at the bridal shower, when you read the poem you can almost guarantee some tears, if not from the bride, from other shower guests. Make sure you have some Kleenex boxes ready.

The candle poem is special because it talks about a beautiful future of the couple together. Weddings are emotional times, and it is important to be able to share feelings with the couple both before and after the ceremony.

Bridal showers are especially expressive because they are typically only women, and it is a chance for the women to let their feelings shine through.

It is a thoughtful gift which will be treasured. Make a printed copy of the poem to give to the bride along with the basket so she can keep it with the candles and burn the candles at the appropriate times in their marriage.

Bridal Shower Candle Poem:


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