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Unique White Barn Candles will Rock your Nose

If you desire rich smelling fragrant candles, look no further than White Barn candles. Containing exotic scents created by master perfumers, your senses will be bathed in luxury while enjoying the warm light of the candles. While the White Barn candle selection is limited to 15 ounce candles in glass jars, their sophisticated scents will have you coming back for more.

Exotically Fragrant Scents 

With such exotic scents as Midnight Pomegranate, Brown Sugar and Fig, Coconut Lime Verbena and Creamy Caramel to name a few, you’ll be tempted to try all of them. The attractive glass jar will fit into many decors and the colors are as interesting as their scents.

Candles are just the start of the fragranced products offered by White Barn. Also find concentrated room sprays and home fragrance oils. The same scents offered in their candles are offered in the sprays and fragrances. The room sprays are easy to use for a burst of scent. For a more prolonged fragrance, use the White Barn oils in an oil warmer for a slow and steady release of fragrance.

With the advent of the internet, sales of White Barn candles and fragrances have extended across the country with people able to enjoy the scents everywhere. Find the candles at

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 November 2008 )
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