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What is it about Tyler Candle Company?

Tyler Candle Company has been in the business of candle making for years and is known for the quality of its candles. The company takes its name from Tyler, Texas where it is located.  The company’s motto is “Focused on Fragrance” and their special scents are a testament to this.

Some of Tyler’s sizes

Tyler Candles makes candles of three main sizes. These are small, medium and large. The small candle is almost three and a half ounces and has one wick, the medium has two wicks and is eleven ounces, while the large candle is twenty-two ounces and has three wicks.  The large candle has an approximate burn time of one hundred and twenty minutes.  Tyler Candles also makes and sells votive candles for religious rites.  The Company takes pride in the fact that their candles are hand-poured to specification.

Known for their strong, lasting fragrances, you can find a wide variety of fragrances with intriguing names: Apple orchard, Celebrity, French market, Girly Girl, Tyler Rose and Anilla Rumba.  Tyler also makes scented soy candles for those who want a ‘healthier’ choice.

Tyler candles are only available in gift shops and other establishments that have been approved by the Tyler Candle Company. Additionally the Company does not sell to retailers that are located too close to each other. However, Tyler candles can be purchased online from many different distributors.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 09 December 2008 )
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