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Mia Bella Soy Candles - Scented Soy Jar Candles by Mia Bella

Soy Candles by Mia Bella are Crafted with Care 

Soy is the favorite word of the health conscious generation. Soy candles have been gaining popularity as persons shy away from candles made from synthetic wax. Mia Bella soy candles are all-natural. They are made from a blend of soy and vegetables. The wicks are made from cotton to maintain the wholesome naturalness of the candles.

Mia Bella candles for the health conscious

Unlike candles made from synthetic wax, Mia Bella soy candles produce cleaner soot. Mia Bella candles generate less heat than the average candle. These soy candles are scented throughout so that the scents last from when the candle is lit until it burns out. There are a wide variety of scents with tantalizing names such as Banana Nut, Cinnamon Bun (which actually looks like cinnamon bun) and other exotic odors.

Mia Bella soy candles are poured by hand into the molds and jars that hold the finished product. The company also offers a special candle that gives the effect of glowing from four sides.  These candles are the sixteen ounce Naturally for You Pillars, and they also come in amazing scents.

Mia Bella also makes and sells wickless max melts, Mia Melts, so that you can enjoy the Mia Bella scents without the flame. These come in eight odors, such as French vanilla, hot apple pie and lilac.

As an additional bonus, Mia Bella candles offer a great home business opportunity to those who wish to get into the candle business.

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Last Updated ( Saturday, 15 November 2008 )
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