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Try Lasting Light Candles for High Quality Beeswax Products

For all natural, high quality beeswax candles, the Lasting Light Candles company delivers a wide variety of Beeswax candles. Their commitment to natural products shines through in their line of votive, tea light, pillar and taper candles.

Beeswax remains a very popular choice of natural wax candles for several reasons. The candles burn for much longer than paraffin and produce less air pollution.


Scented with Natural Essential Oils

Candles from Lasting Light come in natural beeswax scent, or you can choose from a variety of naturally added scents including some of our favorites: ylang-ylang, cedarwood, lavender and eucalyptus.


Lasting Light Candle Colors

Their votive, tealight and rolled tapers and pillars are also available in different colors.


Glass Beeswax Candle Holders

For a change from the typical, they also make beeswax candles in glass containers. They creatively use glasses shaped with ribs which look similar to a beehive shape. Available in 4 colors plus natural wax, these also come in scented varieties.


100% Cotton Wicks

As consumer awareness increases, people have become concerned with wicks which contain lead or other harmful ingredients. Lasting Light wicks are one hundred percent cotton.


Beeswax Skin Care Products

An unusual line for a candle store, Lasting Light also carries skin care products. Not surprisingly, their skin care items contain 100% natural beeswax along with other natural ingredients. If you are looking for natural sources of lip balm or skin moisturizers, the Lasting Light line is worth a try.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 12 March 2009 )
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