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If you’ve read our article on candle parties (or are already familiar with the concept), your next step is finding a candle party company in your area. PartyLite is the most well known supplier for home candle parties.

PartyLite provides consultants to areas across the United States and Canada, as well as many other countries including Ireland, Denmark, France, Australia and more.

Their consultants are individuals running their own business through PartyLite.

Treating their Hosts Right

When someone hosts a party, the host receives many benefits and deals. PartyLite treats their home hosts very well – making it a great incentive to have a party. Some of their host bonuses and deals change over time, but some remain fairly consistent.

At this particular time, people hosting PartyLite parties receive 25% of the money spent at their party (towards candle purchases) if two requirements are met. Those requirements are: a minimum of $250 must be spent at the party, and someone from your party must book a party of their own. A twenty five percent kickback is quite high as far as home parties are concerned.

Besides the 25% (with requirements) there are special deals available for the host only. Occasionally PartyLite will offer other bonuses for incentive as well.

PartyLite offers a wide range of products including most of the popular candle forms: tealights, votives, pillars, balls, tapers and tins to name a few. They have a line of contemporary candle holders to compliment their candles, making it easy to buy beautiful sets for your home or for gifts.

Along with candles they sell fragrance product such as diffusers and room sprays.
Their products are fairly high quality with interesting scents (when applicable). The rich scent of the candle lasts the duration of the burn time. The company continually adds new products to keep up with current trends.

Besides great products, they offer ideas for decorating with candles. Their consultants are usually very friendly and helpful. Depending on the host, some give out prizes throughout the night. After the party, PartyLite ships the products to the host to distribute to their guests.

If after reading all this you are still unsure, visit their website for more information and to view some of their products:

Last Updated ( Monday, 15 December 2008 )
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