Naturality Candles

Taper Dripless Candle Holders

Taper dripless candles are wonderful inventions. Specially designed to burn down without excessive wax dripping down the sides, they are efficient and clean. Although you may aesthetically miss the look of wax drips down the sides of tapers, the mess they avoid will not be missed at all.

Dripless Candle Holders for Taper Candles

Most traditional holders for tapers have a plate or scooped area on the bottom to catch wax drips from falling. Dripless candles don’t necessarily need this plate because they seldom drip. Holders can be sleeker and streamlined with a different look from the traditional.

The size of the hole in taper dripless holders is no different than those of ordinary holders. Size doesn’t change, just the fact that they don’t drip.

Windy Locations – Choose a Taper Holder with a Bottom Plate

If your taper candles will be in a breezy location, the wax may drip despite the candles being called ‘dripless’. If wind blows the flame off to one side, there may be uneven melting which creates a breach in the natural wax lip that forms. In these areas, opt for a traditional holder with a bottom ‘catch’ plate to stop drips.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 12 April 2009 )
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