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Candle Making Kits

Kits are a Great Start When Learning How to Make Candles

Candle making kits are a great way for beginners to start into the hobby. They contain almost everything you need to make a few candles from start to finish.

Using a kit will give you a good indication of the process of making candles, at least for one particular method. Using a kit with detailed and clear instructions will help reduce any frustration and confusion.

There are a variety of candle kits, before choosing one it is important to decide on which type of candles you’d like to make. There are a few basic methods: taper candles which require repetitive dipping, mold candles which require pouring wax into a shape and then removing the mold, and container candles where the wax is poured into a container where it remains.

Choose a kit for making candles which is aimed at your skill level. Some kits are available which start at very basic techniques..

Kids’ Candle Making Kits

Some kits are designed specifically for children. The methods of candle making are much less complicated and involve little or no heat source than those for adults. The designs of the finished candles are targeted towards a child’s taste – very bright and colorful with simplistic shapes.

Creativity for Kids company sells a beeswax candle making kit aimed at kids seven years old and up. No heat is necessary as the projects involve rolling up a wick within beeswax sheets to create candles. The wax is colorful and some creative projects are suggested.

Other types of children’s kits involve simply pouring colored wax powder into provided glass containers to instantly create candles.

For Adults

Adults kits are much more involved. There are several levels of starter level kits. carry a wide variety of starter candle making kits for adults for many techniques. Find kits for making gel candles, chunk candles, floating candles, votives, soy candles and also your plain old ordinary style candles too.

They carry a ‘Complete Candle Making Kit’ which comes with the basic necessities for creating a wide variety of types of candles. Included in the kit is:

  • a specially designed pot for melting wax
  • candle molds
  • thermometer for ensuring you reach the right temperature of melted wax
  • wicks for several types of candles
  • colored wax
  • candle scents
  • detailed instruction sheet and a book on how to make candles

There are great kit resources for people wanting to dabble in the art of candle making. Candle making kits are the perfect way to break into the hobby.

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