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What are Votive Hurricane Candle Holders?

Hurricane Votive Holders are Perfect for Breezy Areas of your House 

Did you know that votives holders come in many shapes and sizes? When most people think of votives, they picture the most common holder: one only slightly larger than the candle itself. You might be surprised to know that there are many sizes of holders for votive candles.

Hurricane Votive Holders

One variety has a rather unusual name: votive hurricane candle holders. ‘Hurricane’ refers to the shape of the glass. The candle is enclosed in the holder more completely than other varieties. The reason for this is to prevent the wind from blowing the candle out. Hurricane votives are ideal to use when you have all the windows open and there is a breeze. No, they wouldn’t withstand the wind from an actual hurricane, but they work well in mildly windy conditions. The shape of these holders is curvy and attractive. Generally there is a smaller holder inside the larger glass shape which houses the votive candle itself. Keep in mind you will need a way to light the candle inside the holder such as long matches or a long butane barbeque lighter.

Hurricane holders are usually made from glass so that the light can shine through. Sometime metal designs are worked into the holder for decoration. Hurricane votives are attractive even if you don’t need them for breezy places. If you do want to have candles outside in the evenings, hurricane holders for votives make a wonderful candle to light up your night

Last Updated ( Saturday, 11 October 2008 )
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