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Wall Mounted Tea Light Candle Holders

Tealight Candle Sconces: Wall Mounted Tealight Holders

Tealight candles are wonderful in many decorating situations. If you would like to light up the wall area of a room, wall mounted candle holders which use tealights are both beautiful and functional.

Single Candle Tealight Sconces

Many varieties hold a single tea light candle. These styles often have a decorative wall mount area that will be lit up by the candle. They work well on their own or with several of the holders mounted attractively in the same area.

Multiple Tealight Sconces

For a more dramatic effect, choose a wall holder that has many tealight candles. There are many elaborate and gorgeous styles to choose from. One of our favorites is a spiral holder with intricate leaf patterns made from metal, which holds from four to ten tealights.

Mirror Holders

Some wall mounted versions incorporate a mirror. These are striking because the flame reflects off of the mirror to produce more light. The mirror adds the appearance of more depth and complexity to the arrangement.

Tealights work well with wall mounted holders because they won’t drip. The wax is contained and usually burns completely, which means a relatively long burn time for its small size. The candles will have to be replaced more often than larger candles, but replacement is easy to do since the tea lights come in their own containers. Simply remove the small container when it is finished, and place another in its place. And if you want to switch to a different color, no cleaning is required.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 05 April 2009 )
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