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Wall Mounted Candle Holder

Wall Mount Style Candle Holders Help Add Glowing Light to Otherwise Unused Areas

The glow from a candle reflecting on the walls in the evening is a beautiful sight. Wall mounted candle holders are a wonderful way to set the mood for many occasions, and also for everyday use in the evening time.

Designs for holders vary tremendously from formal to casual and everything in between. Holding from one to dozens of candles, you can find a style to suit your particular needs. Holders such as these are also often called candle wall sconces.

Precautions you should take when installing and using a wall candle holder:

-Make sure that when the candle is lit, the flame will be far away from the wall. Most wall mount holders for candles will be designed this way already, but stay away from any that are not properly designed.

-Mount the holder to a wall stud. If a wall stud is not present in the area you would like to hang the candle holder, buy a specialized drywall fastener to ensure there will be enough strength to hold the weight of the both the candle and holder.

-Don’t just consider the wall. Look down at the floor beneath where the holder will reside. Burning a candle means there is a potential for wax dripping. If you want a wall holder to be in a location where you do not want dripping (such as a carpeted area), look for a holder with a large enough base plate to catch the drips.

-Avoid breezy locations. Refrain from placing a candle on the wall anywhere too close to windows or doors that will be opened frequently or for long periods of time. The potential wind from the openings can cause many problems including blowing out the candle, blowing melted wax around and even possibly blowing the candle over and causing a fire hazard.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 18 March 2009 )
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