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Seashell Votives - Naturally Beautiful Seashell Votive Candles

Seashell Votive Holders add a Touch of the Ocean

Even after all these years, one candle theme has stood the test of time: seashells. You probably remember your Aunt or Grandma’s candles in your youth having seashells as part of the candle holder or embedded in the candle itself. Beach themed candles such as seashell votive candles continue to be popular today.

Votives themselves are small candles; usually a few inches high and a few inches in diameter. You can find votive candles with seashells embedded into them, but because of the candle’s small stature, most often you’ll find votive holders with seashells incorporated into the holder.

The Shell is the Holder

If you are looking for something striking – look for votive holders where the holder itself is made from shells. You can find hanging wall holders made from 2 large flat shells; one for the base which holds a glass votive holder, and one for along the wall. Or look for large snail shells, the opening in the shell becomes the votive holder. You’ll be reminded of the beach every time you light candles in these holders. Fake shells made from resin can also be found holding votives.

Shell votive wedding favors

Shell votives are popular as a gift for wedding favors. Because there are many beach themed weddings, you can find a large variety of shell votive holders for sale. The incorporation of the shells varies from a picture of a shell painted on the outside to shells in the base.

The actual cup that holds the votive candle is almost always glass. The glass allows the light from the flame to shine through the sides. Some shell varieties, however, break tradition and are a solid holder with shells embedded into the holder material. In this case, the height of the holder is usually similar to the height of the candle so the flame can be seen from the sides of the holder.

Whatever type of seashell holder you choose; they all have a beauty only offered by the symbol of the shell itself.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 08 November 2008 )
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