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Outdoor Bag Candles

Easy to Make Paper Bag Candles for Outdoor Areas

A simple and inexpensive way to add candle light to your outdoor patio or walkway is using ‘bag’ candles. You may have seen these on movies or tv shows. The concept is ridiculously simple. Take a white paper bag (like a lunch bag), fill it a few inches deep with sand, place a candle in the middle of the sand and light it. That’s it!

In the evening, the light from the candle creates an interesting glow through the bag. Place a bunch of the bags in an area to add ambience light.

Textured Bag Candles

Create an interesting texture by scrunching the bag up before turning it into a candle holder. Crumple it into a ball and then unfold to its regular shape. The bags will look textured and crinkled, kind of like one of those crinkly Ikea lamps.

Use Caution

You don’t want to use bag style candles on windy days. Although the sand will keep the base of the arrangement from going too far, wind can push the paper into the flame creating a definite fire hazard.

Even if the night isn’t windy, these candles must be kept an eye on because there is a potential for catching on fire. Make sure they are all extinguished at the end of the night, and keep pets and small children away from them.

Inexpensive Outdoor Candles

Low lying candles should be used, such as tealights or votives. Partially nestle them into the sand to hold in place before lighting.

The best thing about outdoor bag candles is how fast they can be set up to create a striking display for such a small budget. A package of white lunch bags and a handful of tealight candles can easily be well under $10.00. Sand is cheap too and a bag of it can be kept on hand in the garage or shed.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 April 2009 )
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