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Moose Jar Candles

Jar Candles with Moose Images Add a Natural Warmth and Beauty to the Home

Moose themed jar candles are wonderful additions to many decors, including country, shaker, cozy and rustic. Even contemporary houses benefit from a moose candle placed strategically.

The moose has really become a symbol for the outdoors and nature. Its majestic size and peaceful appearance reflect beauty and serenity in the natural world. Candles with moose figures set a picture of calm and relaxation.

Moose Candle Styles

A popular style of moose candle is a jar style frosted glass with a metal outer section depicting an outline of a moose in a natural setting. When the candle is lit, the light glows through the glass, and the metal moose shape prevents light from going through creating a silhouette. The light from the candle creates the ‘sky’ in the background.

Colored glass creates an interesting effect for these candles because the ‘sky’ is a warm, backlit color.

Buy Online

A fabulous place to buy moose jar candles and many other moose themed candles is They carry many jar styles as well as many others including other creative moose ones where taper candles act as a moose’s antlers, wax figurines, pillar candles, wall sconces, candelabras and more.

To easily view the products, simply use their search bar and type ‘moose candles’ to bring up dozens of choices.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 April 2009 )
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