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Martini Glass Candle Favors - Chic and Modern

Unique Wedding Favors: Candle Martinis

For a contemporary spin on unique wedding favors, try martini glass candle favors. Candles are a popular favor to give to guests during the reception. Add a little class and fun with candle wedding favors in the shape of martini glasses.

Gel Martini Favors

Gel candles work wonderfully for martini themes. Clear gel mimics a traditional martini drink (ie: vodka or gin and vermouth), and some varieties even have a wax ‘olive’ floating in the gel to make the presentation spectacular. Real glass makes the candle a high class favor for your guests to take home and enjoy.

Color Scheme Neutral

The wonderful part about these candles is they go with any color scheme imaginable. Have a purple wedding theme? No problem. Have an orange theme? No big deal. The glass and candle are clear, and the small olive in the glass is small enough to go with anything. The packaging is even black and white, so no color conflicts arise. These packages are nice enough that wrapping is unnecessary. Your table settings will be complimented nicely along side the boxes. You can find these for online purchase at many locations including

Make your own

If you have a creative side to you, it’s relatively easy to make your own martini candle favors. By making your own, you can choose a color scheme which matches your bridal palette. Choose glasses which are heat resistant. Either gel or regular wax can be used. Mix things up – create layers of different colored wax for a festive look. Or make a variety of different colored candles.

Really tie things together by offering a martini drink as part of your reception menu. Toast to a wonderful wedding and fun party!

Last Updated ( Monday, 01 December 2008 )
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