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Glass Tealight Candle Holders - Naturally Beautiful Glass

Many Varieties of Tealight Candle Holders Made of Glass 

Glass makes beautiful candle holders. Out of all the materials available, glass remains our favorite. You might be surprised by the different shapes, tints and designs available in glass. You can buy glass candle holders for tealights, votives, tapers, floating and pillar candles. An online store with great selection of glass candle holders is called Candles Just Online. Their current line of holders is all made from glass.

Glass Tea light Holders

Tea lights themselves are very tiny. Despite their size, they are one of the most popular candles around. One of the reasons for their popularity is their versatility. Another reason is their price.

If you don’t mind open flame, the most basic type of holders are almost as tiny as the candle itself. The glass encases the exterior of the tea light. With its simplistic beauty, many types of arrangements can be made with these types of holders.

Candles Just Online carries a selection of small tealight holders called Mega Tealight Holders. The reason they are called ‘mega’ is because they hold a long lasting 12 hour tealight called Mega Tealights. The price both for the holders and the candles is very reasonable considering how long they burn.

Cube Holders

Even though the candles themselves are round, square glass holders can be used for tea lights. Don’t overlook the square varieties – the square shape adds a contemporary touch to your décor. Both frosted and clear glass square ‘cube’ holders are available. Cube varieties are generally taller than the candle itself which allows the light to shine through the glass while hiding the flame. Colored varieties are beautiful for the light they cast.

Many votive holders can also be used for tealights. Some of the other shapes available are pyramid, ribbed, hurricane, paneled and round tall holders.


For something more intricate and elaborate, consider a tea light candelabra. Candelabras are units which hold many candles usually raised on several height levels. They are beautiful additions to any space with enough room. Often the holders that house the candles are made of glass. The glass is usually taller than the candle and allows the light to be seen from all angles while maintaining some safety.

Whatever kind of glass holders for your tea lights you prefer, always keep candle safety in mind. Never leave a candle unattended and always use holders that have been designed to handle the heat from a flame.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 13 November 2008 )
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