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Choosing Outdoor Wedding Candles

Many Outdoor Styles of Wedding Candles are Available

Choosing outdoor wedding candles is a much more challenging task than choosing indoor ones. The reward for spending quality time finding appropriate outdoor candles will be a wonderful wedding without having as many worries.

Outdoor Candles vs the Weather

Wind is the biggest factor influencing what kind of candles you can have at your outdoor wedding. Unprotected flames are easily blown out at the slightest wind, so don’t fool yourself into thinking you can roll the dice with the weather and use unprotected candles.

Many beautiful windproof outdoor wedding candle holders are available. You don’t have to sacrifice style when planning for the outdoors.


Lantern style holders are perfect against the wind. Traditional lantern style candles with metal and glass are available with a modern twist. You’ll find some with colored glass, which adds flare and can be color coordinated with your wedding colors. Some are very simple and contemporary with very tall walls and can hold a taller candle. You’ll be surprised at how many contemporary designs there are to choose from.

Cup Holders with Tealights or Votives

If you are in an area with only mild winds, you can use open topped holders: ie - candle holders with no top cover. Many styles of glass-like and vase-like holders are available, especially in hanging or torch styles. These usually hold a tea-light or votive, and because the tealight or votive is low in comparison to the top of the cup, the wind has much less of an effect on the flame.

Hurricane Candle Holders

Hurricane holders are great for placing on tables or other flat surfaces at your outside wedding. These high sided glass holders look beautiful while at the same time being very wind resistant.

Some of our Favorite Outdoor Holders:

“Bottle” Holders – these look like a clear, high-topped old fashioned soda bottle which have been hand painted. A metal frame holds the ‘bottle’ and a tealight sits at the bottom. At first glance it may seem like it would be impossible to light or refill the candle, but the bottle doesn’t have a bottom and can be lifted to light or change out the candle.

Tower of Tealights – a cascade of tealights spiraling down wrought iron rods. This arrangement makes a wonderfully unique outdoor display. The Forma candle holders can be hung from a tree branch or other high place.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 18 December 2008 )
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