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Candle Chandelier Pieces Add Charm to your Home

Elegant Chandeliers Made to Hold Candles

Chandeliers have a timeless elegant beauty. Kick it up a notch by buying a candle chandelier. Real candles provide a warm glow unrivaled by electric lighting. Even with the advent of dimmer switches, the flickering, dancing light from an actual flame hasn’t been duplicated by man.

Ceiling Space

Candle chandeliers are not for every home. They take up a large amount of space and look odd if the ceiling isn’t high enough to accommodate them. If you have an area with a large amount of head space, a chandelier holding candles might be just the ticket. Some areas to avoid placing these chandeliers in are over an eating area and over a bathtub.

Candle style chandeliers come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Some are small and only hold 4-8 candles. Others are elaborate and large and hold dozens of candles. Some of the materials the chandeliers come in are wrought iron, crystal, antler and silver colored metal.

Keep your Candle Chandelier Looking Beautiful

With the burning of candles comes a bit of work. Keep in mind that some soot will be produced. You may have to clean both the chandelier itself and the ceiling area if a build up of residue occurs. Especially with crystal or silver styles, the residue may show leaving unsightly marks. Excess or dripped wax will need to be cleaned up on a regular basis to keep the chandelier looking beautiful.

Wrought iron will show soot the least because of its dark color. Wrought iron chandeliers are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and can fit into both rustic and modern decors.

Although you will probably not light the chandelier every day, even without candles it is an attractive addition to many spaces.

Don’t be surprised if you see candle based chandeliers more and more in stores near you.

Last Updated ( Monday, 27 October 2008 )
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