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Starfish Floating Candles

For any Beach or Summertime Event – Starfish Shaped Floating Candles make Wonderful Accents

Summer is a great time for beach themed candles. Floating starfish candles are a great addition to any summertime décor.starfish.jpg Starfish have an interesting shape and texture, which replicates well into candles.

And what more appropriate way to display starfish candles than in water? A single large floating star fish candle in a bowl of water makes a striking centerpiece. A bunch of smaller ones in a wider container of water is a great way to add light to coffee tables, mantles or an entrance way stand.


Multiple Uses for Star Fish Candles

Star fish candles that are meant to float are also great to utilize in other ways. For example, you can make a wonderfully simple arrangement in a shallow, flat, non-flammable container. Cover the bottom of the container with sand. Place several starfish candles and some seashell candles spread out evenly on the sand and you have easily created a wonderful beach theme centerpiece.



Last Updated ( Wednesday, 28 January 2009 )
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