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Silver Floating Candle Bowls

Silver Bowls to Float Candles in

Most people think of glass bowls as the most common container to float candles in. For something different, consider a silver bowl.

Sterling silver plated bowls are wonderful containers to light floating candles in because the silver surface reflects the light beautifully. The combination of sparkling water, a classically colored candle and silver makes it a sight to remember. White floating candles are especially beautiful in silver bowl. Or float black candles to make a striking and very contemporary display.

Use Silver Bowls for Low Placed Situations

Because silver containers aren’t see through like glass ones, use the floating candle bowls in areas where the candles will be viewed from above. Places where they work well are: on the dinner table, on coffee tables, on side tables, on low shelves.

Examples of places not to put silver floating candle bowls are: high on a mantle, on upper living room shelves, on top of a hutch or cabinet. The flames will not be visible from the angle of view, and the effect will be lost.

Stainless Steel Floating Candle Bowls

Although not quite as shiny and reflective as sterling silver plated bowls, stainless steel bowls can be a very affordable alternative. They still make a striking display and they are readily available. Ikea carries many varieties in both their kitchen section as well as their home décor area.

A little searching at common stores can be very rewarding to find nicely shaped stainless bowls. Double walled stainless bowls can be purchased from the kitchen section of many department stores.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 08 March 2009 )
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