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St. Patrick's Day Themed Floating Shamrock Candles

Shamrocks and St. Patrick’s Day go hand in hand. Light floating shamrock candles at your next evening time St. Patty’s Day celebration to enhance your décor.

Green Shamrocksclover_leaf.jpg

Green is the color of most shamrock candles, whether they are floating or not. Don’t worry about the shade of green; as long as it has a green hue, it will be appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll find many different shades of shamrock floating candles: from dark forest green to pale moss green.

Dress up or Dress Down

Whether you are having a dress-up occasion, or just having a bunch of friends over informally, clover shaped shamrock candles work well. For casual events, you can go crazy with the shamrock theme – consider shamrock napkins, green glasses, green shamrock plates, green plastic cutlery, etc. You can even add green food coloring to the water you float the candles in.

For a more formal event, stick to a few shamrock accents to make the décor celebratory without being tacky. Consider floating one large shamrock candle with several smaller green round candles. You achieve the theme and keep things elegant.

Buy Online has 2 sizes of floating shamrock candles that glitter. Add some extra glitz and sparkle to your party when you light these candles. Smaller sized shamrock candles are better for smaller containers. If you have limited space and you need to use a small bowl, smaller candles work better because more can be floated on the surface.

For non-glitter varieties, has a 4 inch diameter version which can be chosen with one of the dozens of scents they carry. So not only will your room look great, it will smell great. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as shamrock scent, but with so many fragrances to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will suit your party’s mood.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 February 2009 )
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