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Pool Floating Candle

Use Floating Candles in your Pool for Parties and Events

A swimming pool can double as a giant floating candle container. For night-time entertaining, a great way to utilize your pool is pool_candle.jpgto float lit candles across the water. Specially designed pool floating candles are large enough to work well in such a large body of water.

A variety of shapes are available in large style floating pool candles. Some examples are:

-flowers (lilies, lotus, roses, etc.)
-lantern shaped
-lily pads
-round discs
-round bowl shapes

Candles meant for pools are considerably larger than regular floating types. Because of their size, the cost per candle is also considerably more. However, you will get a much longer burn time with pool candles because they have so much more wax. Chances are you will be able to use them for more than one occasion. Many have a burn time of over 10 hours. Consider the cost an investment in many future entertaining events.

Floating candles for pools are also suitable for some other water areas such as ponds. If you have a small fish pond or decorative pond in your yard, use the candles for a beautiful way to create a night-time atmosphere. Before you set them afloat, make sure you have a method to retrieve them. A long pole with a curved end works well.

Candleboutique online carries a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 18 January 2009 )
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