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Novelty Floating Candles

Floating Candles come in Many Novelty Shapes and Sizes

Floating candles come in many shapes and forms. Many novelty styles of floating candles are available which add some character or humor to the decor. For a casual event, or one which can accommodate a sense of humor, try some of the following novelty candles to float in a bowl:

Flip Flop Floating Candles

A great addition to any beach or summer party, floating sandal candles are both humorous and attractive. The candle flip flops come in a variety of colors and can be purchased at Float several together in a wide mouthed container with a layer of sand on the bottom for a fun and appropriate display.

Floating Olive Candles – Martinis Alight with Fun

Create a fun and festive touch to a party with olive candles that float. Place one candle in a martini glass filled ¾ full with water, light and watch your guests comment on how clever they are. sells these online with a one hour burn time. You may need to replace the candle part way into the party, but its little inconvenience considering how novel these olive floating candles are. You’ll be a regular James Bond of decorating.

Floating Lip Candles

Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day where you’d like to woo your sweetie, there are candles in the shape of a very feminine pair of red lips. Float these lip candles together with some red heart floating candles to say ‘I love you’ with a touch of humor. also carries these in their online store.

Animal Shaped Candles

Floating candles in the shape of animals are wonderful for many occasions. For animal lovers, they make a perfect gift. Floating starfish candles are great for beach themed or warm weather parties. For those who love the ocean, seashell floaters are perfect. Many other floating candle animals are available: mice, elephants, birds, pigs, fish, cats and amphibians – the possibilities are many, and come in both life-like and cartoon-like versions.

Whatever the occasion, there is probably a novelty floating candle to suit it. Plan a little ahead to be able to order the perfect candles for your occasion.

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