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Leaf Shaped Floating Candles

Floating Leaf Candles are Perfect for Fall

For the autumn season, nothing portrays the time of year like leaves. Floating leaf candles are a quintessential fall decoration. Floating leaves are everywhere in nature. As leaves fall into rivers, lakes and puddles, they float gently on currents and reflect leaf-shaped-floating-candle.jpgtheir wonderful colors into the water.

The same is true of floating candles in the shape of leaves. Not only do the colors beautifully reflect in the water, the glowing light from the candle does as well.


Floating Leaves Candles: Shapes and Colors

Many leaf candles are available online in both solid and multi-colors. Gorgeous shades of red, burgundy, orange, green, brown and yellow make these candles striking and eye catching.


Classic Leaf Shapes

You aren’t restricted to one general shape. The leaves of many types of trees can be found as floating candles:

  • Oak – The distinctive shape of oak leaves make attractive floating candles.
  • Maple – Classic maple leaves in gorgeous fall shades
  • Holly – For Christmas, try floating candles shaped like holly leaves
  • Four Leaf Clover – At St. Patty’s day, shamrock leaves are perfect
  • Poplar – For a smoother, simpler shape, try floating poplar leaf shaped candles
  • Chestnut – Chestnut leaves offer a good balance of rounded shape with serrated edges


Floating Leaf Candle Gift Sets

For a special and thoughtful gift, consider putting the leaf candles together with a container to float them in. Your recipient will only have to fill the container with water and light the candles for an instant décor enhancer.


Find them Online carries a good selection of fall themed floating leaves candles in both smaller sizes and sizes suitable for larger bodies of water such as pools or ponds.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 March 2009 )
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