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Heart Shaped Floating Candles

Romatic Heart Candles that Float on Water

Heart shaped candles are wonderful for many situations. Floating heart shaped candles take things one step further by adding a reflective water environment to enhance the effect.

Floating Heart Colorsfloating_red_heart_candle.jpg

The quintessential heart floating candle colors are red, white and pink. Floating heart candles can also be found in other great colors such as purple, burgundy, lilac and baby blue. You can create a colorful mixed candle bowl by floating one of each of the colors in a large bowl or container.

Not Just for Valentine’s Day

Although Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to float a bowl of heart shaped candles, there are many other occasions which are very suitable as well.

- romantic dinner or evening
- wedding centerpieces
- wedding favor gifts
- all white candle bowl for a dinner table centerpiece
- anniversaries

Flowers and Hearts

Create a simple but elegant arrangement by floating some fresh flowers around a single red heart candle. Baby red rose buds work perfectly. Or instead of the whole flower, float rose petals in the water.

Personalized Floating Heart Candles offers heart shaped personalized floating candles. Perfect for wedding favors, Lightanew can imprint the candles with the first names of the bride and groom, along with the date of the wedding.

Large or Small

Small floating candles are versatile when making arrangements, but their drawback is short burn time. Because candles that float have no holder to sit in, once the heat of the flame reaches the bottom of the candle and uses up the wax, the candle will be put out.

Larger candles will last much longer, although they may need a larger container to be floated in. Sometimes floating a large single heart candle makes a bigger impression than several smaller ones. And you can use the candle for a longer period of time.

Many online stores carry floating heart candles such as and

Make Your Own Heart Floating Candles

If you have a crafty side, consider making your own heart candles to float. carries molds you can use to create your own fleet of floating candles. Experiment with swirling two colors of wax together to create unique effects. Not only can you use the candles yourself, but they make great gifts for friends.

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