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Floating Candle Centerpieces: Centerpiece options with Floating Candles

Impressive and Striking Floating Candle Style Centerpieces for many Occasions

There are an almost endless number of possibilities in creating centerpieces with floating candles. They are versatile, easy to put together, relatively inexpensive and they pack a visual punch. Some are as simple as a single candle floating in a bowl of water. Some include expensive or elaborate containers with many design elements combined. Here are several ideas for floating candle centerpieces to suit many occasions.

Single Candle Centerpieces

A single candle doesn’t sound very exciting. But put the right container together with the right candle and voila – instant dazzle. If your table area is too large to suit a single floating candle, group several of the single containers together to create a larger presentation.

Tall Cylindrical Vases work Well with Floating Candles

Try a tall cylindrical glass vase, with the mouth of the vase slightly larger than the width of the candle, filled with water almost to the top. When you float a lit candle on top, it adds height and drama to the area. Try pairing three of these of varying heights together for a striking effect. Use a complimentary colored candle to suit your décor. If you can’t decide on a color, white or ivory colored floating candles work well to produce a neutral but classy look.

Create a more contemporary look by using square shaped tall vases. The straight edges compliment many modern decors including Japanese based and minimalist designs.

Floating Candle and Flower Centerpieces

Create some additional drama by adding flower petals, colored glass or river rocks to the water. For example, take three square sided tall vases, place polished medium sized pebbles in the bottom quarter of each of the vases, and secure the short stem of an attractive flower such as an orchid, iris or rose underneath a few of the rocks. The rocks will weigh down the stem so the flower does not float, creating an attractive arrangement. Place on a Japanese bamboo placemat or runner to finish off the display.

Another candle floating centerpiece is easy to make with the same principles, except outside the vases. Take the three tall cylinder vases we mentioned earlier, place them close together on a round plate so they touch each other, and surround the three with decorative items such as flower petals, rocks, pine cones, shells; whatever tickles your fancy.

Wide Shallow Centerpieces for Multiple Floating Candles

The next easiest centerpieces to create using candles that float are ones utilizing wide and shallow containers. The width creates a larger area to float multiple candles in. Simply float several together to instantly create a warm feeling and glowing centerpiece. Place the container on an attractive placemat if you would like additional detailing.

Kick it up a notch by adding flower petals to the water, or float whole flowers along side the candles. Or alternatively, add items which will sink to the bottom such as stones, colored glass, shells or sand.

Adding shaped candles rather than plain round ones will also add flare. Try adding a few heart floating candles or flower shaped floating candles to the container along with some plain ones to create a more interesting display.




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