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Floating Candle Bowls

Many Versatile Bowls for Floating Candles

Floating candles are catching on rapidly because of their novel beauty. Varieties of floating candle bowls to choose from are practically endless. How do you choose a bowl that is right for a particular occasion?

It’s easy to come up with great bowls that compliment your floating candles by following a few general guidelines.

1. Heat and Flame Resistant

It is important that you choose a bowl which is safe to use with open flames. Most bowls naturally fit into this category. Ceramic and glass are the most popular types of materials for bowls to float candles in. Your choices are many.


2. Will the Bowl Need to be Seen from the Side

If you are placing the bowl on a low level surface such as a coffee table, an opaque material is fine. Most of the viewing of the bowl will be from the top.

Glass Floating Candle Bowls

If, however, the bowl will be placed at relatively high height, a see-through material is preferable. Glass is a wonderful material to use for floating candles in. It allows the light from the flame to be seen from all angles.

3. Choose a Size that Allows the Candles to Float Freely

The size of the mouth of the bowl or container should be large enough to provide some space for the candle/candles to move. A cramped surface area defeats the purpose of having floating candles. The water adds a reflective quality and the act of floating is what makes the arrangement serene.

4. Be Creative

With so many choices, be creative with the bowls you choose. Don't be shy to try colorful bowls, unique shaped bowls and even metal bowls.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 28 February 2009 )
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