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Flower Shaped Floating Candles are Easy to Find in Many Shapes and Colors

With online shopping, it’s easy to find great sources of flower floating candles. Before you reach the shopping stage, however, it’s important to figure out what size, shape and color of candles you require.

Match the Flower Candles to your Décorflower_floating_candles.jpg

A great way to use floating candles to the fullest is to buy colors that compliment your décor.

The colors don’t have to match exactly, in fact using slightly different shades or complimentary colors can create a nice effect.


In order to figure out the size of candles you should buy, you first need to decide on the container you will be using to floating them in. Once you have chosen a container, decide whether you want to float a few larger flower candles, or many smaller ones. The look of the display can really change depending on the size and amount of candles floating on the water.

Leave enough room for movement between the candles. Packing floater candles onto the surface of the water gives a claustrophobic feeling and lessens the soothing water effect. The water also beautifully reflects the light of the flame, so make sure to leave some water surface exposed.


Some of the many flower possibilities you can find:

  • irises
  • roses
  • lilies
  • pansies
  • lotus flowers
  • poinsettias
  • daisies
  • pumeria
  • hibiscus

Flower floating candles are popular because the shape is very appropriate for water. Plants and water go hand in hand, and real flowers are sometimes floated in water in a vase.


Once you’ve decided on your needs and what you want, there are many great online stores that carry floating flower candles. carries a large selection of intricate flowers, both large and small. is another great resource with everything from sunflowers to daffodils to dogwood flowers.

If you want to scent the room with floral while you float candles, has fragranced varieties.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 08 February 2009 )
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