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Floating candles make a wonderful display for entertaining. Finding interesting and unique candles is easy with internet stores. There are dozens of great places to find floating candles online. floating_candle.jpg

Some of our favorite styles of floating candle types are also the most simple. Round shaped candles with curved bottoms in various colors are a great staple to have around for any occasion. Here is a list of common and not-so common shapes for candles which float:

-animal shapes
-candy corn

As you can see from the list, many novelty floaters are available. For theme parties, or gatherings where humor is appreciated, you can find creative shapes that are sure to entertain your guests and provide a conversation piece.

Just as important as the type of floater candle is the container used to float them. This is where your creativity can really come into play. Depending on the theme of the occasion, choose a container that suits the overall theme and also goes with your décor. You can have a lot of fun with this step. Keep in mind that the container must be fire-proof and stable; other than that the sky is the limit.

Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • metal tin pail to float pumpkin shaped candles at Halloween
  • glass bowl with rose petals immersed in the water paired with flower shaped floating candles
  • black ceramic container with white round candles for an elegant evening
  • tall clear glass vase floating a single candle with food coloring added to the water, good for tables and centerpieces
  • small blue glass bowl with floating white rose candles
  • shallow rectangular white ceramic container with square candles floating
  • for valentines day, float a variety of white and red heart candles on water that has been tinted light pink

As you can see, the possibilities are just about endless.

Try these quality internet retailers to see their selection of candles that float: has a large selection including: novelty, animals, traditional shapes as well as larger pool floating candle types. carries over 120 kinds of floating shaped candles including a very large variety of flowers.



Last Updated ( Monday, 26 January 2009 )
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