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Sugar Mold Candle Holders are Attractive and Unique

A growing trend in the antique and antique replica industry is the sale of sugar mold candle holders. Many areas of the world used sugar molds, and now they have been transformed into useable and attractive holders for candles.


What are Sugar Molds?

Before the days of granulated sugar sold in bags, sugar was often sold in solid cone shapes. Wooden molds were made in order to form melted sugar into medium sized cone pieces. The sugar ‘cones’ were easier to transport and sell than modern style powdered or granulated sugar.

Many mold shapes were usually formed into a long piece of wood. The way these molds were formed makes them perfect for holding candles. The cone shape is wonderful for burning candles in, and the long shape of the wood makes it perfect for display.

The number of candles the sugar molds holds differs greatly. Some have only a few holes and some have dozens.


Large Sugar Molds for Candles

If you have an large area of your house you’d like the wooden molds for, Napastyle has 12 hole molds for sale. Many holes means lots of heat and light. Be sure the area is large enough to comfortably accommodate the amount of candles.


Glass and Metal Inserts for Sugar Mold Candles

Because the molds are made out of wood, it is not recommended the candle is burned directly in the hole. The last thing anyone wants is a candle starting a fire in their home. Inserts are available which are made out of either glass, bronze or tin, and they provide a safe casing for the candle to reside in.

Not just for Candles

The molds are versatile for other types of decorative uses. Small bunches of flowers can be placed into each hole. For entertaining, small amount of food items can be placed in them such as dips, salsas and sauces. Be sure to use glass inserts if using for food items.

Several online shops carry both the sugar molds and candles which fit perfectly into them. Mexicanimports and Napastyle are great stores to check out.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 12 March 2009 )
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