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Rich Colored Pillar Candle Arrangement - Earthy and Rich Arrangement with Pillar Candles

Earthy and Rich Pillar Candle Arrangement

It is truly easy to make an impressive pillar candle arrangement with earthy yet rich colors. Elegant enough for a formal table setting, but versatile enough to look great even on the patio, this simple and earthy candle arrangement may become one of your favorites.

Warm Pillar Candle Colorsearthy_rich_pillar_candle_arrangement.jpg

The arrangement works well because it combines warm colors with earth tones and a variety of textures. Burgundy red pillars are the sturdy backdrop, and the bright orange candle gives a striking focal point.

Visual Interest

The three heights of pillar candles add visual interest and the cascade brings your eyes towards the multi-colored rocks at the bottom. The rich chocolate base ties everything together and also makes the arrangement easy to move around the house.

Inexpensive yet Impressive

The items are not expensive and easy to find. The polished rocks can be readily found at garden centers, hobby shops, flower stores and even at stores such as Walmart in their craft section. 

A variety of colors of pillar candles can be used successfully in this arrangement if you can’t find burgundy and orange. Try forest green with yellow or light chocolate brown with mustard yellow.

Once you start making rich colored candle arrangements, you’ll find that the possibilities are vast.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 February 2009 )
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