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Red Candles - Festive Red Candles for Many Occasions

Red Colored Candles A Bold but Beautiful Accent

Different colors of candles invoke different moods and atmosphere to a room. Studying what effect different colors have will help you decide on the right candle color for the right occasion.

Red candles are popular for many reasons. Their bold color really makes a statement.
Red candles are great for accents, for evening events, for seasonal times (Christmas) and in combination with other colors. Red is a very warm and vibrant color and is associated with love and passion.

Red candles in a candelabra makes an eye catching focal point for evening parties. Or use two short holders with red taper candles on a shelf or mantle. A splash of red color here and there will go a long way to livening up a room.

Because of the boldness of color, there are many times when you won’t want to use red. If you are planning a relaxing evening, red may be too overpowering. For occasions such as Christenings, red candles are not very appropriate.


Valentines Day

It goes without saying that red candles work well on Valentines Day. Passionate red is the perfect color for decorating a room. Heart shaped red candles, red tapers and red pillars are all wonderful on a romantic table for two.


One time of year to expect to see red candles is during Christmas. Red, green and white candles predominate this season, with red and white being the most popular. Red is a wonderful color to use during Christmas. Its bold color makes a perfect accent for any corner of the room. Red candles used with green colored bough accents are gorgeous. During this season make sure to take the utmost care with candle safety. Use non-flammable artificial boughs and holly as accents around candles to ensure that a fire is not started accidentally. If you do use fresh boughs, take extreme care. Christmas is the last time of year you’d want to deal with a fire (not that any time of year is good.)

Flowers, boughs and candles

A beautiful Christmas arrangement can be made using a base of red and white carnations mixed in with evergreen boughs. Pine cones and berries make beautiful accents if desired. Use two taper candles to tower over the flower arrangement to make a stunning centerpiece. To make the arrangement even classier, add red and white roses to the mix. As always, keep an eye on the candles and don’t let them burn close to the arrangement.

Pillar Arrangement

If you are creatively challenged and need to stick to something basic, try a combination of different sizes and heights of pillar candles. Three red candles on a flat base make an interesting design. To add more oomph to the display, use some small items on the outside edge of the base such as flat black river rocks, clear glass marbles or red berries.


Fall is another time of year appropriate for red candles. Used in combination with yellow and orange candles, it is easy to make a harvest arrangement. Red apple candles are popular candles at this time of year.

If you’ve shied away from using red candles in the past, hopefully this article will give you more reasons to use the richly colored candles in your home.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 27 November 2008 )
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