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Candle Parties in the Comfort of Home

If you love candles, and you have several friends who also share the same passion, what better way to plan a girls night than with a candle party?

What are Candle Parties?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a candle party is where a host (probably you) will plan a night at their house where a representative from a candle supplier will arrive and go through their products for all your guests. Often there will be some entertaining moments such as food, games and draws with prizes.

There are several reasons to host a candle party. The first is it’s a good excuse to get your friends together for a shared interest. Everyone likes an excuse to get out, and this provides one. If your friends like candles, the companies who put the parties on usually have high quality products. They get the chance to buy some unusual and good quality candles, and everyone gets to socialize at the same time.

Second is that the host will receive a portion of the proceeds of the items purchases by everyone attending. This isn’t in the form of money, but rather in credit towards candle items the host might want to buy. For example, if your party spends $500, you will receive a percentage of that amount towards your purchases. If the amount is 10 percent, you will receive $50 towards the candles you’d like to buy. Often the host will get a discount on the products they buy.

What to Expect as a Host

Usually the host is expected to provide snacks for the guests. Common snacks are crackers and cheese, chips and dip or appetizers. Sweet treats might be the food of choice, such as brownies, cake, squares or crumbles. Along with a food item, the guest provides drinks. Whether the drinks are alcoholic or non-alcoholic is up to the discretion of the host.

Besides some food, the host provides her house as the party venue. Some cleaning may be required both before and after the party.

Candle parties are perfect places to buy gifts for the people in your life. Because the items are not usually found in stores, the candles will make unique gifts. Usually the companies sell holders along with candles for those requiring something to burn them in.

The number of people you invite depends on how many people you’d like in your house. If you’d like a large number, go for it, room allowing.

Often the party goes on even after the host has left. It gives everyone a chance to catch up and chat for a while.

When do you Get the Candles

Each candle party company has their own delivery schedule. Usually the wait time is between one to three weeks. Either the representative will drop the candles off at the host’s house, or they will show up at the host’s doorstep by delivery service. The last duty of the host is to deliver the candles and products to their guests. Sometimes your guests will pick them up from you, but often it is expected that the host delivers them. In rare cases, the candles will be delivered directly to the guests’ houses without involving the host.

A candle party can be a great social event. If you have the time, place and resources, consider hosting a party of your own.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 22 October 2008 )
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