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Fancy White Taper Candles for Special Occasions

Fancy White Tapers are Perfect for Entertaining on Special Events

White taper candles are a staple of candle users all around the world. White tapers are versatile for everyday use and for special occasions alike. Not all taper candles are made equal, however. For special occasions look for fancy white taper candles.

What Makes Tapers Fancy?

There are several factors which affect the 'fanciness' of taper candles:


White is white, right? Not so. Many shades of white are available, and it isn't always easy to tell how white a candle without direct comparison. When shopping at stores, bring a patch of something you know to be very white along for reference. A sheet of white, bright paper or small samples of very white fabric are easy to bring along with you. You'll be surprised at how dull some candles are when placed side by side with a pure white object. Avoid candles with a dull appearance.

The extra effort in finding a very whitely colored candle will pay off when you see how striking they are against your tablesetting or mantle.


Cheaper candles generally drip more, which means less burning time and more mess. For fancy occasions, the extra cost to buy low drip, long burning candles is often worth it. The last thing you want to worry about is wax drips on your tablecloth.

Clean Burning

Soot is definitely something you want to avoid during special moments. Clean burning candles such as soy can help eliminate black clouds of smoke from hovering over your table. Higher quality parrafin tapers can be acceptable also.

Spend some time finding a wonderfully white, high quality taper candle for the special moments in your life.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 23 November 2008 )
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