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Fall Candles: The Warmth of Fall Themed Candles

Fall Themed Candles Warm our Hearts and Homes

Fall is a wonderful time of year for candles. As the temperature cools and the daylight shortens, we spend more time indoors and have more occasions to use candles. Have some fun by using fall themed candles to brighten up your décor.

Realistic Candles

Amazing candle replicas of real objects can be made these days. Fall is one of the most appropriate times of year to use replicas because there are so many fall symbols to choose from. Food is a big part of fall harvest symbols. Candles can be found in the shapes of many fall foods.

Some examples of fall shaped replica candles perfect for the season are pears, pumpkins, grapes, corn on the cob, fall colored leaves, pine cones and wine bottles. Wine bottle candles can be used at any time of the year but the rich burgundy color is especially suited to fall. 

Fall colored candles

Use regularly shaped candles such as votives, pillars, tapers and tea lights in fall colors to set the mood for the season. Choose shades of orange, red, brown, black and yellow candles to decorate your home. Using several colors and heights together adds interest. Use colored candles in combination with replica shaped candles for a nice effect.

Because the evening gets dark relatively early, fall is a wonderful time to use wall sconces and candelabras. Natural light from candle flames provides a warm glow to the room.

Whether you are using candles for company or for your own pleasure, fall themed candles will enhance the mood and add to the warmth to your life.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 05 November 2008 )
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