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Chocolate Shaped Candles For Gifts or Yourself

The kitchen has got to be the easiest place to be creative with candle arrangements. Practically everything in the kitchen can be used as a holder. Because most kitchen items are heat-resistant, they can double as candle holders which are perfect for food themes. 



Case in point is the above picture of chocolate shaped candles in a rectangular bowl. This common small kitchen bowl doubles nicely as a holder for these chocolate candles.

Keep in mind that wax can be very difficult to remove from any surface. Once you use a bowl or plate for a holder, consider reserving it solely for your candle arrangements.


Chocolate Shaped Candle Gifts

Pretty much everyone loves chocolates, which makes chocolate shaped candles an ideal gift for many occasions. With a little creativity you can make many different styles of presentation.

  • An old chocolate box can be filled with the candles as a unique surprise to someone special
  • Rather than using a white bowl to hold the chocolates, a brown bowl makes a rich backdrop
  • A cappuccino or espresso cup makes an ideal holder for a single chocolate candle


Chocolate Scented

Look for chocolate themed candles which release a chocolate scent into the air as they burn. The scent adds another rich dimension to the experience. Chocolate lover’s heaven!


Types of Shapes Available

The huge number of candles with a chocolate theme is testament to their popularity. A few of the many are:

Shaped Candles:
     -chocolate bar shaped with a wick in every square
     -chocolate cupcakes
     -heart shaped chocolates
     -truffle shaped
     -chocolate cake with several wicks
     -chocolate brownie
     -chocolate cheesecake

Scented Candles:
     -chocolate pillars
     -chocolate tapers
     -chocolate jar candles
     -chocolate tealights



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