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Candles and Pet Safety

A Story from one of our Visitors:

Never Leave your Pets Unattended around Candles, Even for a Second!

I want to share a funny story about a candles and pets. Everyone says never to leave a candle unattended, but sometimes even attended candles can be a source of problems.

We had a black male 2 year old cat a few years ago. During the Halloween season we were a little cautious about letting him go outside. We live in a pretty safe neighborhood so we weren’t afraid of someone hurting him necessarily. We were worried that all the strange looking people walking around might spook him and cause him to run into the road and get hit by a car. Or maybe he would go further than usual and get lost. So we kept him inside on Halloween night.

This particular Halloween we had a small table by the door to keep the candy on. To make it look more festive, we had some spooky figurines and also a ceramic candle holder in the shape of a cat’s face. The eyes and nose were cut out so that the glow from the light of the tea candle would shine through. It was only a few inches tall. We had the candle lit and on the table for effect.

Our cat was curious and was hanging around the area quite a bit. While we were giving out some candy, he jumped up onto the table. We didn’t think anything of it until we looked over and saw smoke pouring out from either side of him! For a second we were stunned – then we realized that he was standing over the candle! It didn’t seem to bother him; he stood there for several moments unaware of what was happening until we grabbed him off the table.

He didn’t end up being hurt by the heat, thank goodness. The fur on his belly had been singed and burnt, but other wise he was ok. We couldn’t believe how much smoke was pouring out from around him. It was incredible. Also incredible was how fast it happened. Hence the ‘never leave a candle unattended’ motto you read everywhere; it really only takes a second for something to happen. Don’t take any chances; especially when it comes to pets or children. If we hadn’t been there, our cat could have been seriously injured. He might have even spread a fire to other areas of the house.

Enjoy your candles but be sure to take candle safety seriously.

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Last Updated ( Monday, 24 November 2008 )
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